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Organic Plant and Artist Pop-Up  – THE CAROLINIAN

Organic Plant and Artist Pop-Up  – THE CAROLINIAN


Maggie Collins 

Arts and Entertainment Editor 

Photo credit: Dylan Auman 

The prolonged isolation we experienced during the heights of COVID-19 caused many people to take up various hobbies in an attempt to pass the time. Searching for a sense of joy and purpose in a time that lacked both, many people took up knitting, TikTok dances, baking, songwriting, and gardening. 

For Dylan Auman, the pandemic and some inspiration from his neighbor provided motivation to start an organic garden. However, he ran into a considerable issue: he couldn’t find any non-GMO plants aside from herbs. 

Rather than letting this halt his inspiration, Dylan taught himself to grow them. He states that one thing led to another, and now, “I am growing about 1,500 plants in my spare room every year for the neighborhood and surrounding areas.” What started four years ago has turned into a nanofarm with raised beds, allowing him to grow produce at a rapid pace. Auman also has a few modern chicken coops on his farm.  

Auman’s organization,Collective Productions, will host its third annual event this year on April 27 from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 301 E. Bessemer Ave. in Greensboro. The event recently expanded to include makers and artists. This year will a;sp feature a flower truck, local coffee cart, potters, pasta makers, and other artists. Attendees can get local plant starters that are organic, non-GMO, and grown in Greensboro’s Fisher Park. Auman wanted the event to “feel somewhat more curated than your average market,” and it will include Grayhill Made, Loom Coffee, Found and Foraged, Bottom of the Fox Farm, Pasta by Bianca, and many others.  

To find more information and follow Auman’s journey, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram at chkn.dad. You can find a PDF that lists all the plants they are growing for this year’s event and get a special look into their makers’ spaces. Auman states, “at its core, this is a heartwarming event with a loyal following in our surrounding neighborhoods.” The event gives people a place to find unique items made locally and responsibly. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet local gardeners, makers, bakers, and artists while enjoying some music along the way. 

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