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Sadhguru issues famine and civil war warning: UK heading for ‘disaster beyond imagination’ | UK | News


Sadhguru issues famine and civil war warning: UK heading for ‘disaster beyond imagination’ | UK | News


For Sadhguru, the outlook is grim, warning: “All infrastructure will collapse. When infrastructure collapses, chaos will begin.

“Total civil unrest will begin on all levels – they’re expecting by 2035. There’ll be dozens of civil wars across the country across the world.

“Dozens of civil wars will happen in my country, your country, some country – we cannot predict [where]. It may happen just about anywhere.”

In a conversation with Shri Satish Kumar – a British-Indian activist who in the 1970s completed an 8,000 mile peace walk – on Thursday, Sadhguru summed up the problem pointedly: “Machines don’t s**t.”

In other words, “technology cannot produce organic matter”. Instead of putting organic material back into topsoil – whether through leaving organic waste on farmland or growing protective plants beside crops – modern farming techniques take nutrients from the soil with every harvest.

Ploughing topsoil and then leaving it exposed to the elements also kills off the microbial organisms that feed crops.

Sadhguru is critical of the vast majority of UK farming for being monoculture – the cultivation of a single type of crop in a single area.

He said the UK’s soil “will be in a very bad state in another 25 years” because the technique leaves soil exposed for large chunks of the year.

He added: “If people don’t understand what I’m talking about, come to a tropical country, stand in the sun for two hours, then walk under the tree’s shade; you will understand what is climate change, there are already four degrees difference right there.

“This is what is happening to other life. They also need shade. At one time the entire planet had some shade – grasses, bushes, trees; something was there almost everywhere. But today that is gone.”

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