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Organic Farming Takes Centre Stage In Mandsaur Village

Organic Farming Takes Centre Stage In Mandsaur Village


Garoth (Madhya Pradesh): In a significant shift towards sustainable agriculture, the trend of organic farming is rapidly gaining momentum in Khajuri Runda in Mandsaur district. Farmers are increasingly showing interest in adopting organic practices, marking a pivotal moment in the region’s agricultural landscape.

A recent seminar organised by Navabharat Fertilizers Limited in collaboration with the agricultural authorities shed light on the importance of organic farming. The seminar aimed to educate farmers on the benefits of organic technology and address concerns regarding diseases and pests affecting orange horticulture.

Distinguished speakers, including agriculture officers Ghanshyam Verma and Sachin Guptaand Monu Gurjar shared valuable insights into organic farming techniques. They emphasised the use of natural fertilisers such as cow dung, green manure and vermicompost, highlighting their efficacy in enhancing soil health and crop productivity.

Furthermore, the seminar provided practical solutions to combat various diseases and pests plaguing orange fruit gardening, steering farmers away from reliance on chemicals. Dr Monu Gurjar and Shyam Bihari Gurjar cautioned against the adverse effects of chemical fertilisers on soil nutrients, underlining the urgent need for soil improvement through organic means.

The event witnessed active participation of farmers Parmanand Patidar, Prabhulal Meena, Hiralal Meena, Nandkishore Meena and Aslam Mansoori.

Sarpanch Jagdish Gurjar pledged support for initiatives promoting organic farming. He commended the efforts of farmers and emphasised the importance of transitioning towards environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Published on: Sunday, March 31, 2024, 11:21 PM IST

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