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A water-wise learning garden at the Hood River County Library | News

A water-wise learning garden at the Hood River County Library | News


In the mid-1900s, television programs, movies, and even display advertisements presented Americans as living in tidy, rectangular homes surrounded by straight-line foundation plantings with uniformly green, rectangular lawns. No weeds. It wasn’t an accurate depiction of the way people lived then, but it became the accepted standard by which gardens—and gardeners—were judged.

Today, a quick drive down about any residential neighborhood in the Gorge shows how far gardeners have fled from those rigid standards. Green strips between our streets and sidewalks are no longer reliably neatly trimmed grass, but are instead teaming with native plants, boulders, even vegetables and fruit trees. What are these mad-hatter gardeners up to?


Norma Benson, committee chair of the Water-Wise Garden, Norma Benson, has an emotional attachment to plants, especially those in the library’s garden.

Master Gardeners

The Master Gardeners make quick work of weeding–when they aren’t answering questions of passersby.

Wide Shot of Library.jpg

On a nice day, why stay inside when the library has numerous seating areas on its picturesque grounds.

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