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How Edinburgh patio ‘mini-jungle’ became garden of the year

How Edinburgh patio ‘mini-jungle’ became garden of the year


Lush tropical foliage climbs towards the open sky and all you can see is a wall of green. The only sound is of water trickling down into a dark pool.

It could be a scene from the Amazonian rainforest but it is actually Clive Johnson-Cooper’s minuscule Scottish back garden.

The jungle-style area of only nine square metres has been chosen by judges as the winner of the Gardens of the Year competition run by Gardeners’ World magazine, beating hundreds of other entrants from around the UK.

Johnson-Cooper feels it is the reward for almost two decades of hard work on constructing his own slice of paradise.

“It’s such a small space I didn’t think it could compete with bigger ones,” he said. “But I think

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