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Ackworth Garden Club July Monthly Meeting | Community

Ackworth Garden Club July Monthly Meeting | Community


This is a joint meeting with Ackworth Garden Club and Grant Sunshine Garden Club members on Wednesday, July 12th.  At 9:00 AM garden club members will tour Edge of the Woods Raspberry Farm (15285 Fairfax St., Indianola IA) and then travel to Fogle’s Organic Aronia Berry Farm (14769 Buchanan St., Carlisle IA).  At approximately noon, after the two tours, garden club members travel to Scotch Ridge Presbyterian Church and enjoy a picnic lunch provided by Ackworth Garden Club . Ackworth Garden Club business meeting will begin after lunch with gardening Q&A. If you are not a garden club member but would like to attend the tours, please email ackworthgardenclub@gmail.com to register.

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