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Should You Use Organic Garden Seeds?

Should You Use Organic Garden Seeds?


8Sometimes organic gardeners question if they should use only organic garden seed. That is a question with a simple, but complicated, answer.

We will try to look into the ins and outs of going totally organic in your garden. We want to look at, do you really need to use only organic seed, finding organic garden seed and saving your own.

If you want to grow organic vegetables to keep the chemicals in grocery store foods out of your body, is it necessary to grow only organic seeds? The short answer is yes. But, not everyone growing organic is concerned about being totally chemical free. They just want to have great tasting food.

There is little chemical residue in a seed, but there is residue. If you are trying to be as chemical free as possible then you will want to seek out a seed company that grows chemically free.

Many companies are starting to carry organically grown seeds as they are getting very popular today.

Check with catalog companies for the ones that are organic. Some companies only grow organic, like Seeds Of Change. Other companies will have mostly conventionally grown, but will offer some of their line as organic.

You will need to read the catalog description to be sure it is what you want. Most seed catalogs plainly mark which ones are organic. A big plus with the organic seeds is that a lot of them are heirloom plants. Heirloom plants usually have more flavor than newer varieties.

One of the best ways to know for sure what you plant in your garden is chemical free is to save your own seed. This can be a fun hobby by itself.

Garden plants require different methods of preserving the their harvest. You will have to look up each plant to be sure how to get good viable seed. But, most are straight forward and just common sense.

You can start with the easy plants to preserve and move on to the more difficult ones as you gain experience. There are some really good books that explain how to grow plants for seeds and how to harvest and preserve them.

Organic gardening is a fun way to get delicious healthy food. Using organic garden seed is necessary to be totally chemical free. Check your catalogs for certified organic seed and try saving your own seed for fun and the peace of mind that what you have to eat is truly chemical free.

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